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Phantom recordings fix that doesn't require factory reset?

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Just noticed this post at Planet Replay that claims you can fix the phantom recording problem by just clearing the channel guide, rather than doing a factory reset.

Background: phantom recordings occur when a ReplayTV has encountered a problem or an abnormal reboot. There may be no recordings showing in the Replay Guide, but when you go to schedule one you had previously set up, you get a "new recording conflicts with existing recording" error message.

The common way to clear up the problem has been to perform a factory reset. However, the post at Planet Replay says you can fix the problem by clearing the channel guide and a factory reset is not required.

I can't confirm the suggested fix will work or not, however the poster's signature says "ReplayTV Technical Support".
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That doesn't seem to work for the case where DVArchive reports that something will record, but the ReplayTV will not actually record.

I've tried it.
What I posted has nothing to do with DVArchive.
Right. There are at least two different kinds of "Phantom Recordings", so I was hopeful when I read your subject line... But then I found out that you were talking about the OTHER kind of Phantom Recordings. *sigh*

I still have not found a solution to the Phantom Recordings reported by DVArchive that don't actually record. (Haven't gotten to the point of Factory Resetting yet.)
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