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Phase Tech Teatro: nasally center

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I just bought the Phase Tech Teatro 7.5 system with the 6.5 as the center. Has anyone ever noticed that it sounds a little nasally, or is it just me? Connections and polarity have been verified.
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Having owned one a few years back, I remember it being a very clean center. Hopefully it's not faultly. Have you tried it with various material? Maybe you could elaborate on what you are actually hearing.
Umm...well maybe I'm not use to such a clean sounding center channel. Before I was using the pre-in on my Toshiba RPTV for the center. I guess what I'm hearing is a more aggressive center with more punch. The TV speakers were more recessed.

I'm at work now. I'll do farther listening tests tonight, and come up with a more descriptive explanation of what is happening.
Update: When I got home yesterday evening my wife was watching a movie. I immediately noticed that the center channel wasn't as nasally sounding as the night before. I asked my wife what she thought of the new speakers, and she said that she heard things that she had never heard before. In particular, in the movie she was watching, 'Much ado about Nothing,' apparently there is a part of the movie with thunder and lighting. She said that she had never hard that part before with such clarity.

So I don't know. The only thing I can think of is that the restoration of the nasally center maybe contributed by speaker burn-in. Maybe it just needed a couple of hours to unfurl its feathers a little.
I have a teatro center in m smaller theater and it doesn't sound nasally at all. My center in m main theater used to be an electromagnetic that was very airy and even compared to that one, I would never consider the teatro center nasally. My only guesses would be that it could either have a bad driver or just need to break in a bit - although I have never seen a speaker that sounded bad change to something that sounded good by breaking in.

My first gut instinct is that it sounds very different from what you are used to, but once you get over that, you will prefer the Phase Tech center. Also check your crossover point for the center speaker and make sure it is set properly (set to small - crossover at 80Hz - usually the default on any pre-pro).
I actually played around with the xover a little last night. The frequency response seemed a little more even when set at 100Hz for the center according to my trusty RS SPL meter.

Unfortunately, right now my biggest problem is my sub. I had originally calculated frequency modes for my room to be around 30, 60, and 120. sure enough I have a huge hump at 59Hz. It's kind of cool seeing theory in real life. Unfortunately the theory I had about my wife only having the Sub in one spot in a corner of the room is also true!:rolleyes:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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