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This is a pair of black Phasetech PC 8.5 speakers that have honestly seen better days. These are probably about 20 years old, and the foam on it looks like it needs replacing. I did replace a woofer a few years ago. I was shocked that Phase Technology still supported these speakers. Please check the pictures to see the imperfections and feel free to ask me for additional photos if you are interested.

I'm thinking due to the weight of these things, that shipping would be impractical. I live in San Francisco, and commute all over the SF Bay area. I can deliver them anywhere within that area.

p.s. I'm also selling multiple Phasetech Teatro speakers, which I will be posting later, but let me know if you are interested and I can let you know about them:

Teatro 7.5 VDT (pair)

Teatro 6.5 (three of these)

Phasetech Power8 (subwoofer)
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