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Phast/AMX PMB-TCC Remote TV Control Center F/S

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I have a PHAST/AMX PMB-TCC Remote TV control Unit for sale. Here's the info:

The PMB-TCC Remote Television Control Center controls TV, video projector, and media sources via four IR ports. IR commands are received via a built-in IR sensor on the front of the box or by an optional external Xantech IR sensor that plugs into a Phoenix connector on the rear panel. TV or projector power (signal) is sensed via a built-in base-band video sensor.

The two Contact inputs on the rear of the PMB-TCC can each sense a drycontact closure. With the addition of a simple circuit, these can also sense a voltage change from 0-5VDC or 0-12VDC (this circuit is described in the Installation and Operation section of this document). The threshold voltage is approximately 1.5VDC. It is not designed to sense AC voltage.

There is a +12VDC pin on the Contact connector that can be used to power external contact-type devices such as a motion detector. The supply will

provide power for a total device load of up to 700mA. Check the power requirements for the device(s) that you want to connect.

LEDs on the front panel indicate power and link status. IR Out and IR In LEDs illuminate when commands are sent or received. An ID button provides ID information to the Landmark system that facilitates easy connection of the physical Remote Contact Box with the correct Remote Contact Box in software. A 12VDC power supply is included.

This item worked when it was uninstalled, but is sold as-is. I am asking $60 OBO plus S/H. It includes the power supply and reference guide.

PRICE LOWERED TO $50 OBO plus shipping.

Please contact me through PM.

Thank you
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Price lowered.
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