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Originally Posted by R Swerdlow /forum/post/20723595

Your words, my thoughts

They share a strong family resemblance, especially in the midrange. The Phil 1's bass goes noticeably deeper than the SongTower, down to roughly 31 or 32 Hz. The Phil 3 goes even deeper.

I really like the sound of the planar midrange driver. But it goes beyond nice tonal balance. The mid is a dipole, and the rear of the upper cabinet is open and can be variably stuffed, allowing you to adjust the balance between the front and rear waves coming off this driver. It is hard to describe, but sounds wonderful. Other than the SoundScapes, I've never heard speakers that could do this.

Electrostats, such as some Martin Logan models, are dipoles but lack the option of varying the front/rear balance. So sometimes (depending on room placement) these speakers can sound to me as if their soundstage is too large.

Given the Phil 3 & Soundscape are in a totally different price class by a factor of four, I am more interested in a comparison to the Salk Veracity HT-3 which I think base at 6K/pair.
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