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Philips 37PF7320A/37 and JVC RX-702B Q's

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MY HT setup is finally complete and consists of the following components.

* JVC RX-702B AV Receiver (got it today!)

* Philips 37PF7320A/37 LCD TV

* Panasonic DVD-S97S

* Harmony 676 (One remote to control them all)

* Tivo Series 2

The JVC serves as the AV switch; HDMI output to the Philips TV. Tivo is connected via S-Video to the JVC. DVD is connected via HDMI.

The JVC does appear to run hot, but no adverse affects have been noted (yet...).

No complaints at all - the JVC seems to be a great component. Performance is great , surround setup was easy. But the on-screen menus are a bit primitive (looks like 40 x 25 text), and the manual is sparse.

There are two small issues that I was hoping someone at AVSForum could provide some assistance on.

a) The JVC doesn't appear to have any granular HDMI controls; I would like to be able to set the HDMI monitor resolution to 720P. As it stands, the receiver seems to make the call on its own (Tivo input goes to 480p; DVD input @ 1080i is displayed as such).

b) Closed captioning no longer works on Tivo'd shows. The only difference here is that the Philips is using the HDMI input for everything; the JVC works as a video switch. There are two possibilities here:

- The Philips TV doesn't expect analog closed captioning over HDMI

- The CC's are stripped out as a function of the HDMI conversion.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this further?


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Please pardon the poor etiquitte of replying to one's own post.

I was told today that during the upconvert to HDMI, the CC information that is normally carried in the VBI is lost. Therefore, either the RX-702B has to maintain the CC information, or.....I have to use analog outputs.

Anyone else seen this with HDMI-based TV's?

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