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Philips 42PF7321

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Philips 42PF7321


People i am in the process of buying a new Plasma TV. Currently I have a philips CRT 32" 8717 model and the Pics are quite good, black is black and it has a sense of depth, plus the picture is sharp and clear (according to the source given). This set does not support any Pixel plus technology.

At Malta, only few suppliers source out HD panels. And the brands are Samsung, Philips, Sharp, Sony (LCD only) and maybe some other unknown brands. I have decided not to go for a low res Panel and so my options are quite limited as the rest must be ordered from abroad which is not an option for me as before purchasing i would like to see it in action with some movies i have as a test.

As the my CRT served me quite well and the local agent do stock a good amount of panels for viewing, my first preference will be philips. The current models have been reviewed quite badly due to the limited connections and bad picture. The high end are quite good but the price is too steep.

This week the local agent will be getting a new range. The 42 PF7321, this is a new model from philips, also connectivity has been upgraded, with 2 hdmi in, 1 component in, 2 scarts (1RGB other RGB out), svideo and composite. Therefore no more sharing of a DVI socket. The panel has a native res of 1024 * 768 p, plus it supports Pixel plus (not the newer version). I have checked all the Philips Website re this model, but the nearest hit was the American website, which in stead of scarts it has component in and only 1 hdmi socket.

I would like to know if any of you recomend this model, reviews are also scarse. Does it have any quirks in its operating system and most important the Picture performance, such as shades, level of black, smearing, dot crawl etc.

This is the link of the American version. (also the european version does not have any usb connections)


Please advise,

Thanks to all
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come on some info pls
Hello any info re Philips panels?
Possible no Philips panel owners around?
Check out the thread for the Philips 42PF7320. Mayne this is the American version of the 7321?
no the american model is also 7321 D as i said in the above post

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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