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Hi all,

I have a problem with my TV. I have overscan on all but one resolution on my laptop (which strangely isn't even the native resolution!)

Also my Roku stick has overscan.

I am able to access the service menu of the TV and have found a service manual but I can't find any information on how to change it so it shows me all of the screen rather than overscans.

What options or other things must I change to eliminate overscan?


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I have looked at the options in the manual and determined the following:

OP 1: 019 - Region settings?
DTV will be available
ACI is available
ATS is available

OP 2: 023 - Image settings?
Backlight Dimming is available
3D Comb Filter is available
WSS is available
TV is 16x9 set

OP 3: 010 - Random stuff
Video-TXT is available
Stereo NICAM 2CS detection is available (EU/AP/China)

OP 4: 223 - Features - all are enabled (maybe disabling one will stop overscan?)
HDMI2 is available
HDMI1 is available
VGA is available
SVHS3 is available
AV3 is available
CVI is available
SVHS2 is available
AV2 is available

OP 5: 009 - System features? (I am curious if enabling "NVM (range) checking is available" is what I want)
System Recovery is available
Split Screen Demo is available

OP 6: 002 - Tuner

OP 7: 002 - Cabinet Profile

If I fix it myself I will post my results :)

I am afraid to break it! :eek:

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You really should stay out of the service menu. Poking around in there could seriously screw up or in some cases even damage your set (see the "Samsung Calibration Failure" thread if you don't believe me). Modern digital displays pretty much have all the controls the manufacturer is willing to give you in the user menus.

And what you are calling "overscan" is likely the set's compensating (scaling the picture up or down) for a mismatch between the input signal's aspect ratio/resolution and the TV's native aspect ratio, in an attempt to avoid black bars and the resulting user complaints. No setting in any menu is going to change this.
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