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I've read every related post on here and haven't seen anyone else with the same problem.

About 5 days ago my Philips LCD TV decided to stop turning on. TV would not respond to remote or manual commands. Replaced batteries and unplugged and re-plug in the set. Unplugging and plugging back in caused the set to come back on. Remote then works fine.

If I turn it off I can then turn it back on with the remote, but only if I turn it back on right away. If I leave it off for any period of time it will not turn back on, either with the remote or with the on set buttons.

If I unplug it again and plug it back in it will turn back on.

I have the latest (10/9/08 - v. 0.1.15) firmware, and even tried to re-install that.

Philips support was completely useless. Any suggestions? Does anyone know if there is a repair manual or a good philips support forum?

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