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Hello everyone am new to the forums so if this has been posted I apologize.

This is my second unit that i have after returning the first one.

The problem am seeing is after some time of use the TV will shut off and power up on it's own.It does it maybe once every few days, I have checked all my plugs and connections, no other device on my power strip exihibit this symptons.

The first unit I bought was doing the exact same thing.I contacted phillips after reading some folks on the forum here saying they were having similar issues.

I asked the tech on the phone today what i had found out and was wondering if a) has this been a problem reported for this TV before, b) is there a newer firmware than 1.11.

His comment to me was no that was the first time they have heard this, funny thing is when I got the second unit from Sam's club the TV sales person told me they had some returns for similar issues.He also instructed me to take the TV to a service center so they can take a look at it...I still have 30 days money back from Sam's so I guess there goes TV number and prolly will get a different brand since they seem to coy about coming out with the truth when I know there had been other folks with similar issues.

If anyone else has any other tips or things that I can do to alleviate this before I return it please let me know I really like this tv.

Thank You
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