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If I play HD movies from my PC (1080p) connected with HDMI to my Philips (HDMI is set to BluRay) and my Philips is set to 1920x1080 (24p) resolution, I noticed that once in the minute (or less) movie stops for 1ms. This stop is hardly noticeable but I see it. Do you know what it happens?

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Seems your in the taboo... its 24p ...and ya wont get it on the philips.

they can firmware update a fix....BUT.


Many people need to complain about it.... and i know their can be a fix.

cause most other tv's are doing a fix. I imagine sometime in the future they realize this and do it.

5 frames of every frame thats all! 5/120 = 24 magic number!

im stuck in the same boat trying to get a fix to make the tv do true 24p

I tried your method and saw or noticed your problem

also didnt get 1080 p 24p just 1080 p suxs

I think ..this should be corrected. i like the philips in every other way. design /performance/price. and most of the features in their correct setting.

But ...this issue 24p ..

Im at the crossroad... I wanna bring it back and get a true 24p set. which their is a few... Not gonna name any.

My wife got me it for xmas.....and it came too 2000+ for a 52 inch model.

now for that much money i expect a fix.


a 399 dollar laptop. with windows vista or xp ..has updates to fix any problem with the laptop that comes up...like sound ,video, fixes for all.

Now ...whats the diffrence. I understand its Impossible with 60hz sets.."so no on the old"

But 120hz magic number...plus others have already done it.

So now its a wait game..3 months till my period of return for refund. Im hoping to see a fix..If not ..Its gonna go back.

Everything wiill be blueray in the next few short years...do ya want a tv that can do it...or not.

I had a untrained eye and noticed it the first movie put in.

Please Im beggin ...2 grand...fix it!

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I'm afraid that I didn't get you. In the Philips 7603 specification it is mentioned that this TV is capable to display 1080p24 resolution without the problem.

Am I right or wrong? What are you talking about? Thanks...
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