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Philips 44" LCOS RPTV Demonstration

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According to the info on the link below, Philips is going to demonstrate a 44 inch LCos RPTV at the 2002 Society for Information Display symposium in Boston in 2002. They have previously demonstrated a 36 inch version. Anyone see it?

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Uh, aren't they supposed to be *shipping* a 50" LCoS? (L50000)

I hadn't heard about any 50 inch set. All I have is the info on the link. Anyway, I'm convinced that some sort of chip-based set--this LCOS type, or LCD or DLP--will one day go into mass production and become the standard living room set of the future for the hundreds of millions ordinary Joes. No offence, Joe.

'Tis RCA who is allegedly shipping a 50". That Viewsonic and Philips are both demoing such small RPTVs suggests that the light output / crispness of these puppies is nowhere near what it is cracked up to be.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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