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Hey guys, just some interesting little tidbits for anyone interested.....

For all Philips dvdr's with a hard drive after model 3360 the firmware comes in a ZIP file with two (or more) .CUB files in it.

After several modifications to mine i have discovered that the file ending with F, eg PS3440H_euF.cub is stored on the mainboard firmware, and is used to boot the machine. The file ending with H, eg PS3440H_euH is stored on the hard drive and is loaded during the boot process.

It is possible to play around with these firmwares and only flash the H file. if you screw it up and the machine wont boot all you need to do is simply remove the hard drive, format it as NTFS in PC and pop it back in, in which case the unit will prompt "LOAD" and all you need to do is put in an original firmware disk. a couple of minutes later, all is back to normal.

If you format the hard drive as NTFS, when the machine reloads its firmware all your recordings will still be present on the disk!!!!!!! (weird i know)

These are the firmware versions i have been playing about with so far....




R19.28 (old!!!)



They all operate fine, however you must make sure you load the firmware for the correct stroke machine. (eg /05 /37 etc) or your inputs/outputs may not function correctly!

I am currently messing with changing the logos on these firmwares with some sucess so far!

anybody interested send me a PM!
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