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Philips DVDR3440H to Grex Video stabiliser

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Hi. New to forum.

Does anybody know the best way to connect a Grex video stabiliser between a cable box and Philips DVDR3440H recorder. Looked at www.xdimax.com site but I don't appear to have enough holes to stick cables and things in the back of my Phillips. Has anyone done it yet ? Can I use scart converters ?
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There are already some "video stabilizer/DVD recorder" threads over in the "DVD Recorders" forum, if you want to post there for a quicker answer.
I found some more connections hidden behind a panel on the front of the DVD recorder. I should have studied the instruction manual more. Should resolve my problem. Thanks. It is up and running but picture quality is not as good. Using S-Video connections betwen cable box, Grex stabiliser and recorder but at least I can now record cable tv/films. Any ideas as to how I can get a clearer picture ?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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