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philips pfl7603d firmware crash NEED HELP

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Hello guys, wondering if you can help.

I have just tried instaling the latest firmware update for my 42PFL7603d. The update appears to have been a success but now the TV does not work!!! The TV just now appears to turn itself on an off continually!! I get a pic with sound, then sometimes without, but the patten of on off is constant. within the time frame I try to get into the menu to reset to factory settings, but it will only let me open the first menu screen, then the menu freezes with no amount of button pressing from the controller to get it to respond, then it just turns itself off, and does this again and again!!!

I can not get it to read the USB anylonger!!

What options do I have to fix it opther then calling phillips to get them to fix or replace? The TV is still under warranty.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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