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Took a look at three 42" plasmas side-by-side today at ... well

never mind the store. One was a Philips (42FD9932), one a

Sony (42B1U I think) and the third was a Pioneer, the model

number of which I missed. They were all showing the same


The Philips picture was great, very smooth, very clear; both

of the others suffered from what I thought was pretty visible

'jaggies', at the edges of blocks of color and on diagonal lines,

especially as the camera moved, the edges didn't move

smoothly from pixel to pixel and the edge therefore seemed

to crawl.

The sales droid, who was demoing this to a customer, was asked

about the resolution on the Philips (which clearly had the better

picture) and stated it to be 780 vertical. I thought, ok that's why

the picture is better, and went home. Then I checked it out, the

droid was wrong, it's 480 like the others.

Is this likely to be a setup issue between the TVs? I have seen

the sony before and at the time I thought it was smooth and

something else (Pioneer I think) was jaggie. Is the Philips known

as a particularly good unit?


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There was something very. very wrong with the setup there. The Philips is one of the worst 42" plasmas out there. The Sony and Pioneer have their problems, but they should have been visibly better than the Philips. If you want to see what plasma is capable of, take a look at a 42" Panasonic that has been set up right on a DVD via the component input or, even better, a 1080i HD picture.

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