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I found this region hack on a website and it works on my Q50 (US model) now multiregion:

You will need a One-4-All universal remote for this,

or alternatively build your own special remote Philips RC6 code generator

1. Turn on player with no disc

2. Set up the remote by pressing the MAGIC button until it flashes twice, then enter 0539 to set the code.

3. Press the MAGIC (or SETUP) button.

4. Press 085. The display should read '----'

5. Enter the following with the normal Philips remote:

222 222 005 255 PLAY

6. Turn player off then wait 10 sec then back on

7. The player should now be region-free.

I do not take any responsibilty for this mod but can say it works fine on my Philips DVDQ50 (US model)

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