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Philips SCD2000 multichannel SACDplayer prototype

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I recently bought one of the 4 Philips SCD2000 sacd player prototypes. Philips used this prototypes at audio fairs around the year 2000 to demonstrate the new SACD format.

A person who works/worked at Philips told me Philips first had a prototype which didnt have 'the looks' and locked up when people pressed the buttons. After complaints Philips asked Marantz to build an custom chassis with 'sexy looks'.

That person also told me the technique used is largely similar to the technique used in the Marantz SA-1; 2 dac7's per channel.

Does anyone here know this machine, or has anyone here seen it in real life at a audio hifi show, of does anyone have pictures or other information about it?


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I have placed photos of the Philips SCD2000 on my website: http://www.marantzphilips.nl/SCD2000
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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