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Philips TV to JVC sound problem.

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I have searched all over for the answer to this problem. I don't know hardly anything about setting up a home theater but here it goes.

I have a Philips model No. 47PFL5432D/37 47" lcd and a JVC TH-D60 HTIB. The TV has 3 HDMI ports on it. I have my PS3 running through HDMI to the TV and I have the JVC running through HDMI to the TV. I have digital coax running from the TV back to the JVC to get surround sound out of the TV.

The problem I have is that the sound coming out of the JVC speakers lags the sound coming from the tv speakers by a fraction of a second causing an echo.

Initially I had the PS3 running through the JVC to the tv but that sound lagged even worse so I then run the PS3 straight to the tv and now have optical going from the PS3 to the JVC.

Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it?

Tomorrow I get a cable box installed and I will probably have it going to the 3rd HDMi port on the tv and im pretty sure it will lag also unless I run sound from the cable box to the JVC.

Im open to any suggestions.
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I don't think what you're trying to accomplish will ever work well and certainly not without a reverb problem.

Normally, when using a receiver based sound system, you would let the receiver do the work and not use the TV speakers. If I assume you have front (not TV) speakers then initially try turning off the TV speakers and see how that works.

For best results, you will need to connect the PS3, DVD and cable box to the receiver via digital coax or optical. Running back to the receiver from the TV is also not the best idea in most cases as the TV down mixes audio into 2 channels so you will likely get your best results taking the TV out of the audio system.
Yeah, basically set up your TV like a monitor and run audio only to the receiver.
Newer JVC receivers, such as the stand alone's (412, 702) have programmable delays, if needed.

Hope this helps.

I switched from Sony to a JVC TH-D60, and I get the same echo, no matter how much delay I use from 0 to 15 ms on all speakers. I too go through the PS3.. My sony never did this echo thing; I used to listen with the tv and surround sound together without echo on the sony but now the jvc echos..

My only solution is to use 1 or the other. That sucks!!
I can't fathom running sound from the TV AND the surround sound system at the same time.

I can understand wanting to be able to switch between the two (even though I don't, I use my surround sound exclusively) but both together? The TV's speakers won't be anywhere near the tonal match or the output.

To each their own I guess.
I have a 50" Panasonic with the 4 speakers and they sound pretty good, and when you play them together with the SS they complement each other and give me a fuller sound.. except the echo..Maybe my surround sound isn't as good as yours.. It is the jvc 1200 watts..I have another tv, a 40" regza toshiba and it has marginal tin like sound due to the thin bezel and the placement of the speakers, so I can see your point, if the spekears on the tv aren't very good. On this panasonic the 4 speakers give a nice surround sound.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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