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I purchased this tv from Sam's Club about 2 years ago and am having some issues with the red convergance being out of whack. To my surprise I called Sam's Club and they said no problem. Just bring it back and we'll do one of two things. If I have my receipt they'll refund my money. If I don't they can look it up under my membership and give me full store credit for the amount. This really shocked me....but the bad thing is my wife and I have torn the house apart and can't find the receipt! Which is fine because they have a new tv I want anyhow. Next bad news is that they can't pull up my membership info! So, after talking with them (which they were very helpful) they said if I can get the Sam's Club item number of the tv they will take it back for store credit.

So, I don't have a receipt and can't find the item number. Does anyone happen to have purchased theirs through Sam's Club and have the Sam's Club item number from their receipt? I was told they were the same throughout the stores.

If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it! This would save me the cost of having it repaired, plus get me a new DLP!


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