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I have a 55" Mitsubishi Widescreen TV.

Connected to this TV, I have an RCA DTC100 high def receiver.

a laserdisc player, a SVHS recorder (with very few S-VHS tapes,

mostly old VHS tapes), and a JVC prog scan dvd player.

I've looked at a Phillips Ebox and I'm wondering if I can use

this between all of my video sources and my television.

The sales guy seems to think I can only use the Ebox with

a Phillips flat screen tv - but he's also certain I can't connect

a RCA DTC100 to my tv (which I have been doing with no


It looks like the Ebox can take an input from each of the

above sources and route them all out to my TV using

the same cable I currently use to interconnect the DTC100

with my TV.

I'm hoping that the path between the DTC100 and

the TV (through the Ebox) is a straight pass-through

and that all other inputs can be processed.

I doubt if I would process the signal leaving the prog

scan dvd player but I would very much like something

that could do some processing after it leaves the svhs

player and/or my laserdisc player (before the signal

arrives at my TV).

Basically VHS looks like crap on my TV - but I believe

this is mostly caused by my TV.

Laserdisc looks somewhat better but I think there

are minor adjustments that I believe would produce

a better viewing experience. For example, the

"zoom" feature on my TV is harsh for a 2.35

(non-anamorphic) laserdisc. I'd be willing to watch

a window boxed picture (bars on all 4 sides) if

it meant the picture was sharper. I think I could

do this with an Ebox.

Any thoughts ???

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Best Buy sells them. The Best Buy web page actually has a

better description of what it does than Philips web page.

It seems to be a generic processor that sits between

television sources and a widescreen monitor.

It appears to be marketed as a companion to a flat screen

product. What I'm basically trying to determine is if its

married to that product or if it will work with other display

devices. The product number is Philips FTR 9964.

It appears to do everything BUT operate as an ATSC

tuner. My first thought is that it was similar to an

audio "pre-amp." It would definetly reduce the number

of wires going into a flat screen.

I suspect that Best Buy will have trouble selling them

and I'm trying to decide how useful the box would be

to me when they eventually drop the price. I am

not looking to purchase it at its current

price (approx $1000).

The following url has more info


I did find one guy who gave me an interesting demo.

My big problem with the demo was I wanted to see how

it would handle a less than ideal source (like a tape player

or laserdisc) and his demo showed what happened when

the box was connected to a TV that I don't own. The demo

I saw definetly helped with dot crawl - and it definetly seemed

to be useful with respect to aspect ratio mode selection.

My TV is well known to have a poor line doubler and I'm

thinking that if everything that goes into the TV

is funneled through this box into my TV's RGBVH

input, my viewing experience will be greatly


Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part :)
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