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Phillips LCoS HTPC Setup

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I have a 55" Phillips LCoS HDTV that I would like to hook my PC up to for gaming, DVD playback, possible HDTV tuning / DVR, and general use. Like many, I tried this initally and got the dreaded 640x480 resolution. I have been surfing around the net and this site looking for LCoS specific information to no avail.

The sets native resoltion is 1,280 x 720 and it should support 1,280 x 1,024 PC feeds per the following:

"With its native 1,280 x 720 pixel resolution and a multitude of analog and digital inputs, the TV accepts high-resolution pictures from DTV set-top boxes, PCs, DVD players, and other devices, including both 1080i HD signals and 1,280 x 1,024 PC feeds. All standard-definition interlaced video signals are treated to Philips' PixelPlus line doubling, which turns them into near-high-definition (HD) images. By doubling the number of lines and the number of pixels per line, PixelPlus enhances both regular TV broadcasts and DVD inputs for unparalleled sharpness and depth."

I have a DVI input as well as the DB15 VGA Input (Dedicated PC Input) I'm not entirely sure, but I'm thinking that the 1280 x 1024 PC Feed Phillips mentions is by using the VGA Input. The owners manual says not to use the DVI input for PC use, and to use the actual PC input. I'm thinking that with Powerstrip I do not need to heed this warning though.

I guess my question here is if anyone has experience getting this setup. Will Powerstrip allow me to run the HDTV in a higher resolution, or am I stuck at 640x480? My current video card is a POS. However, if anyone thinks this is going to work than I'm going to buy the GIGABYTE Geforce 7800GT for the system to be setup as a dedicated HTPC.

Thank you for any assistance and setup tips you can provide.

Regards - Matt

Note: I also posted this to the Powerstrip Forum a few moments ago, just trying to get the most comprehensive advice possible for this.
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Also, the owners manual states that the DB15 VGA input accepts NTSC(480i), 480p, 720p, and 1080i. Up to 1280x1024.

In this case, it almost seems like I would be better off using this input as opposed to the DVI. I'm assuming it's a very good thing that it accepts the 1280x1024 resolution. Will Powerstrip be able to take advantage of this?

I think my main problem right now is my old ATI Rage II Pro 3D graphics card. I'm thinking that it doesn't support the refresh rates the TV requires for 1280x1024.
If your display's native resolution is 1280X720, I would use that over 1280X1024 which will not only be scaled by your TV down to it's native res. but stretched as well. It would look pretty bad. Should be no problem setting this up in PS.
Awesome, that's good news. Reading through the Powerstrip Forums, there seemed to be a lot of dissapointed people that had no choice but to run their HDTV in an 'x by 480' resolution no matter what they used. I'm about to drop $1000 on a new Motherboard, P4 64EMT, High Speed Ram, and the 7800GT. Just want to make sure I'm not going to be throwing the money away. Thanks for the advice.
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