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I've updated my numbers and selected a new number twice yet still get a message every night. It is really rather annoying. If anyone has any ideas on how to stop the message, please share.



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Change your local prefix to another prefix in your town, force a net connect to download a new set of numbers, then change your local prefix back to your own number and select a new number to dial.

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I was having trouble connecting (the 'modem hung up' problem). Once that got better (not fixed, but better), I started getting the message concerning new phone numbers. About that time, Replay sent the following procedure to clear up my modem problem. Once I did it, I have connected 4 out of 7 days, and the phone number change message went away. Before you try this, though, copy down your current local number in case it disappears, like others have recommended.

The following is from Replay (They do answer their e-mail, although it took a month to get this):


The procedure to connect to RTVS manually is as follows:

1) Press MENU on the ReplayTV remote.

2) Select 'Setup' in the menu.

3) Select 'Change Dialing & Input Settings.'

4) Select 'Continue' to get past phone number to the ZIP Code screen.

5) Select 'Stop' to clear ZIP Code.

6) Select 'Left Arrow' to go back to Telephone Number.

7) Select 'Stop' to clear Telephone Number.

8) Re-enter Area code + first 3 digits of Telephone Number

9) Select 'Continue to Zip code

10) Re-enter Zip Code.

11) Continue to Prefix

12) Enter Prefix if required

ReplayTV will now connect to the RTVS to download the current channel

guide information. If connection fails, wait an hour and try to connect


Connection problems that last longer than a few hours should be considered

for escalation.

If you have any additional questions, please refer to the ReplayTV Hook-Up

Buddy and Online FAQ located on the ReplayTV's Customer Care pages at

Best Regards,


Customer Care

ReplayTV, Inc.

Good luck with it. After reading other threads about phone numbers disappearing, or units hanging, I was apprehensive about doing this, but it seemed to work okay. I am in the Los Angeles area, and the phone number I preferred was still there.


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Recent phone number updates have been made to AT&T and Earthlink POP lists. When this happens, ReplayTV Service numbers are updated as well.

rayliner's steps from Customer Care should work.
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