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Photo slide show app requests ?

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Because I couldn't find a screen saver that could show my photo collection on my PC the way I wanted, I wrote my own.

Now that I have a widescreen display and have connected my PC to it, I am thinking of making a standalone executable version to faciliate automatic slideshows through the PC. I know there are other apps out there that do this sort of thing, but my little program has some features that I like (scrolling panoramic images, for example).

But since I don't own a 'true' HTPC I don't know what other features people might be interested in. I have seen some blogs about some of the short comings of 'My Pictures' that has given me a few ideas.

So my questions are, what features would people really like to have in a automatic photo viewer ? Or is everybody just basically happy with what they have now ?

Any comments are appreciated. Thanks !

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I think you are right in thinking there are some real shortcoming in photo viewers. I too have a 16x9 display and it's annoying to have black bars displayed on the sides since pics formats are 4x3.

Here are some ideas for a photo viewer.

--best way to combat 16x9 problem without strstching is the "Ken Burns Effect" If not familar with it do a google search or look at iPhoto on a mac.

--post processing function, a la ffdshow. Would be great to have the photo viewer bump up saturation\\sharpness ect, for viewing on TV but leaves the original files the same.

--tagging support. Make sure you can have multiple tags. I'm thinking something along the lines of gmail.

--ability to view mutiple file formats

--ability to synch to a song play list

Hope this helps.

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My two main gripes about the current crop of image viewing programs:

1. Windows

2. Mouse control

For use on an HTPC, the program should run full-screen. Window borders simply take up space.

Also, the program should be completely useable without the mouse. Even many image viewers that have a full-screen mode and keyboard controls use the standard file dialog box, which requires a mouse. By having keyboard shortcuts for all commands, you can easily remap them to a remote control via Girder.
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Good input - thanks. Since the current incarnation of PhotoCafe is a ssaver it is full screen, so it should be easy to build upon. Unfortunately the config is still mouse-centric ... but i think i can work on that.


Great - lots of stuff to think about. Although I have never heard of the term 'Ken Burns Effect' PhotoCafe already does a fair bit of that for the same reason. I have lots of wide panoramic images that I hate seeing squished into a little band onto the screen. So the program pans across the image, be it horizontal or vertical. Since then, it has propagated to include an option to scroll all vertical images, and I am pleased at the outcome most of the time.

I'll look into tags and stuff.

How sync'd with music are you thinking ? I can have it play whatever music you want in the background, but so far things are created 'on the fly', so there is no saved 'show'. That might be a possibility... hmmm.

Thanks for all the input.
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