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Can anyone help shed some light on some settings that people have used to take pictures of Projected images?

Camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC5.

I have been using

Apeture 4.0,

Shutter speed 1/16.

Set on a tripod.


ISO sensitivity at 100 (apparently higher the better for dark places but seems to add more grain into the picture, so turned it the lowest setting)

White Balance set at AUTO.

Still trying to figure how to change the exposure on the cam. :rolleyes:


This was one setting that i found on the web use by AVS member, Jesse S:

"I have adjusted these shots in Photoshop using the Levels function. The shots now closely resemble the actual onscreen image.

Digital camera is a Canon Powershot S200 at 1 second shutterspeed, daylight whitebalance (seems most accurate), exposure at +1.3EV, at 1024x768 (no resizing done)."


Maybe it would be alrite to photoshop edit the final picture to bring the picture as accurately possible to the projected image.

I dont expect much help but worth a try? :p
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