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Just a bit of an observation here...

There are so many photos being posted in various threads that are just terrible quality. Not the TV, but the photo itself. Usually taken handheld with a cell phone. I was just looking at one that looks like a tourist snapshot taken from a moving bus with the entire photo being out of focus and motion blurred. It's rather surprising since this is a "picture quality" centric type of forum.

Please, if you are trying to convey an issue with your TV such as flashlighting, DSE, banding etc., consider the photo you are taking and if it really represents what you see in real life. If the screen in the photo is purple, it's overexposed. I doubt it looks purple in real life. At this level, it will definitely show things that look like flashlighting, clouding etc. In fact, you can make almost any TV look like garbage by taking on overexposed pic of the screen. Also, consider putting the camera on a tripod or something solid instead of hand holding it.

Why is this important? Because in almost all cases, advice is being sought as to the quality of a TV based on the posted photo(s).

Owners might also drive themselves crazy seeing all the "anomolies" exaggerated in poorly exposed pics of their own TV.

Sorry, but I just thought this should be mentioned.
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