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In an ideal world, there aren't any constraints on sub size/placement/number. And you do a subwoofer crawl to determing best position. But I don't live in that world. :crying: I have a couple choices. I can fit two sealed 4 cuft 18's in my room. One up front, and the other off on a side wall. I can't fit a ported cab big enough for an 18" driver up front, so I'd only be able to do one ported sub off to the side in the location. (where I'm limited to max size = martycube).

I currently have a sealed SI18 in the side spot today, and do have a MartyCube cab almost built. I'd intended on moving the sealed 18" to the front, and putting the MartyCube in it's spot. But then I started reading up on phase issues between sealed and ported subs and am not certain that's a good plan. I'm not sure I've got the skills to make them play nicely together.

This all has me scratching my head on how best to proceed. My room is very large - 5,500 cuft or so. I'm not a bass head, but like good bottom end in movies. I've been pretty pleased with the impact the single 18 has made, but wanted to add a second to get the sound quality benefits from multiple subs. I understand the standard recommendation for a room my size is probably going to include several full marty's, or something along those lines. But I just can't go there....

So lets assume you are working with my scenario, an iNuke 6000dsp, Denon x4000 with Audyssey XT32, and have REW. Which way would you go, and why?

1) Two 18's sealed in 4cuft, with as much equalization on the bottom end as possible. Benefits as I see them: identical subs, multiple non-symmetric locations. And I have an extra flat pack laying around, so slapping the second together is going to be relatively easy.

2) One MartyCube. I don't know if a MartyCube can run with two sealed SI 18's. I supect it might come close, since I'm in a large/long room with concrete floors and some concrete walls. I don't have room gain to speak of. But I do lose the multiple sub location benefit. I might be able to add a smaller ported 15's or Infinity up front at some point in the future if needed. But it's not a right away thing. Summer's coming and I'm kinda burnt out on woodworking at the moment.

3) Mix 'em up. Marty on the Side, sealed up front. I'd like to make this scenaro work if at all possible, because it uses my existing cabs and fits my room layout. But I do worry that I'm playing with fire in the context of phase issues.

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