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Well lets get this going I am looking for some suggestion, I sold my Denon 5803A a couple months ago now and I am looking for its replacement.

My speakers are as follows

Fronts Klipsch RF-3II's

Center RC-3

Surrounds Klipsch RS-42's might be upgrading to the 52's

Rears are Klipsch RB-61's

Sub is a Klipsch RSW-10

Sources, Directv HD-DVR, Samsung Blu-Ray BDP-1400 probably going to be upgrading to the Oppo when it comes out, Xbox 360, and a Wii.

Right now its hooked up to a 37" Sharp but by the end of the year it will be a 60" Pioneer.

I was considering possibly doing separates, or just going to a high end receiver like the 5308. My room is on the large side, 13' x 17', the one side completely open to the dining room so its really like 26' by 17' and has high vaulted ceilings open to the upstairs that hit like 18'.

So with that all said I looked at some of the new stuff from Yamaha the RX-Z7 and the 3900 and was interested as it looked to be better than the Denon 4308 , haven't been able to put my hands on a 5308 at all but was impressed or maybe its time for separates.

Minimum requirements are 4 HDMI inputs, Advanced Sound Codecs and some sort of room correction and something that can handle 2 channel stereo decently.
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