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pics from my build/mount.

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Ok firstly I want to apologize for the pics their not that great. I dont know how some people on the net get good pics of the plasmas in action but I couldn't for the life of me haha.

So before the plasma arrived heres what my ent center looked like.

as you can see that theres no way a 58" plasma is fitting in that spot. so I had to build a wall in the spot and then mount the plasma to the wall. we begin with a frame.

we lined up the center beams to match all 3 sets of screw holes on my low profile monoprice mount.

After the frame was securely mounted with 3" screws all the way around we covered it with 1/2" plywood and began lining up the mount

Here is the mount all bolted down. The wire hole drilled just below the input panel on the back of the 860. between the plasma only being 1.4" thick and the low profile mount there is literally no room to plug these in once its mounted so I had to have 2 people hold the tv up to wall where I plugged everything in. I like that the 860 has all 4 HDMI inputs on the back out of view cause thats how many I needed. the one bad thing is since the 860 is so thin it only has 1 component/composite input luckily thats all I needed. (wii). If I want to hook anything else up to this tv Ill have to invest in an HDMI receiver first.

So all that was left was put the surround sound speakers up on shelves and hang the tv. The flash in the pic brings out the wires much more. when your just casually standing infront of the ent center your at an angle where you cant see any wires just the devices lined up. Since I stood farther back and took a picture with the flash it kind of made the wires stand out. Also the tv and speakers are level but I couldnt get it to look perfect with the picture.

here are some pics of the sides as well. very close with the wall.

heres a pic of everything thats hooked up to the tv. I had to move all the shelves down to make room for the cable box on the bottom and give more room for the massive new screen.

Now all I need is one of you guys to volunteer to come over and help me lug this:

Down these:

lol I was 6 years younger when me and a buddy killed ourselves getting that sucker up here. I think I might hire a crane to get it down haha. Well thats all I got guys. Hopefully I can figure out how to get good pics of the tv in action. Cause even coming from an HD set I still was blown away by the picture quality of this set!
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Is there a window up there? You could just toss it out. Or put an ad on craigslist for very cheap but the buyer needs to carry it out.
It is Very easy for me to tell that this man is not married
hahaha. its on the 3rd floor. that thing would kill somebody. plus it still works perfect its going in a bedroom downstairs. and yes im not married. have a girlfriend tho and shes just as big of a slob as me haha.

Originally Posted by elmalloc /forum/post/18112536

It is Very easy for me to tell that this man is not married

How could you tell

Dude... http://www.swiffer.com/en_US/duster.do
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Haha the tv was IN THE WALL lol completely covered. So you never saw it. I'm not gonna dust it now that it's going downstairs. That would just be a waste
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I am not marrired either so it takes one to know one hEHEHEHEHEHE
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