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Hi all. I am looking for a new flat screen and have found that Pic-in/and-Pic is quite hard to come by on 2009 and 2010 models. My current TV is a Sony HD CRT with what six or so years ago they called Twin View. I am looking for a flat screen that has (or has close to) the following attributes:

a) it's actually twin view, where the pics are next to each other as opposed to one on top of the other;

b) at least one of the pics can be at least component, or better yet hdmi, and show an HD signal in proper aspect ratio;

c) you can adjust the sizes (same size or one is big and the other smaller - my sony remote actually has a joystick in the middle that you use to grow/shrink the windows).

What I have found in my research and in walking around Best Buy with remotes is the following:

Sony - the new Sonys (EX700, etc.) only have what they call PIP, which is only for the TV and a PC (and I don't even think you can use a HD signal for the TV part); The XBR8 has the twin view but the sizes are not adjustable - not sure about which inputs work with it.

Samsung - some of the Samsungs have PIP with 4 modes: traditional PIP with the small pic in the corner of the set with 2 size options and can be put in any corner, and 2 side by side modes both of which distort the images (tall and skinny)

I would like any information anyone has as to what brands/sets have PIP and what the capabilities are (even if they aren't what I listed above). This is a very important feature to me so I have to start my research over with sets that have it (I didn't imagine it would be so hard to find).

Finally, if anyone knows about aftermarket devices (like the Rabbit from days of yore) that does a decent job of any of this, I'm interested in that, too.

(Hope it's not offensive for me to post this in the LCD forum also.)

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