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Picture / Movie Projector

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What's driving my purchase is having a skookum display system for image sales - bring client into relaxed environment, get their feet up, put on some music, do slide show of photo session displaying large, very high quality digital display on wall. As you can imagine, it's easier to sell small prints from a big display than selling a big print from a small display. So crisp image with accurate color is key.

A side benefit for us will be the ability to use this projector for home theatre, too.

What models should i be looking at?

price range around 1500 if you can help it

(this is for a friend)

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Business proj serving double duty has come up before. I would use advance search, "business" title search only and highlight this forum. You'll find other threads on this topic through the search engine
i've looked at the "Business PJ" threads and they have all been talking about powerpoint where the image needs to be so-so. i need a PJ where actual photograph pictures images are amazing. if someone could help that would be awsome
From reading the forum, the current favorite
thank you jr will look into that PJ
he has also looked into the HP mp3320 Digital Projector series (L2140A) is it worth the research on it?
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