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Picture noise on Fujitsu P42VHA30

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I just got my Fujitsu P42vha30WS up and running and I'm seeing a lot of artifacts/dithering/flickering (looks like little gnat swarms of pixels or like "snow") on a lot of scenes -- especially indoor scenes in the background and usually on darker scenes (in black areas this manifests as green gnat swarms).

It isn't just me noticing this -- in fact the installer pointed it out to me, tried several things to fix it (moving the power cord away from the component connections, changing the cable connectors) and offered to come back and try something else this weekend.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem with this unit? I purchased the Fujitsu over the Panny b/c word was it had better video processing, fewer artifacts, but here every frame with medium to dark backgrounds evidences the problem and it is readily apparent on blue screen. Is this common on PDPs? I don't get this at all on my Samsung DLP, which I also bought recently.

I'm probably going to exchange the unit (I'm well within Magnolia's 30 day exhange period). Should I try another Fujitsu on the off chance that mine is just a bad unit or should I go for the Panny ED (my close second choice)?
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Calibrate your display via avia or equivalent before returning. Sounds like your brightness setting is set to high. Seeing the green specs in black is an indication of this.

I agree with JCPZero on this. I too noticed the mossing when the brightness was set too high in its initial setup. Once the correct settings were dialed in, it mostly disappeared. This is not to say it's totally gone, but at a typical viewing distance it's impossible to see. Only when I get very close can I see the remnants of the issue.
Thanks guys. I reduced the brightness and it did help, although at the expense of some detail loss. I've got DVE and I'll run that and see what that does.
I managed to pick up a P42VHA30WS from Magnolia on Friday. Probably the last one here in the Bay Area.

Haven't had time to calibrate yet, but would appreciate anyone sharing their settings.

The SD picture from DirecTV through a ReplayTV is pretty good. Hopefully, it will be even better after calibration.


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