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My background first: I am a neophyte to seriously evaluating PQ, in that I can run a calibration disc and get in the ballpark but that's about it. I'm an engineer by trade but am not completely up to speed on the latest display terminology.

I have a question about something I noticed tonight while watching Joe Bonamassa's Beacon Theater Blu-Ray.

The video chain: Basic Samsung BD-J5100 blu-ray player -> HDMI -> Marantz SR5009 AVR -> HDMI -> 46" 2013 Samsung LCD ( in the $1k class new back then). As a rule I keep all video processing options off or minimal.

I was distracted by large ripples usually travelling upward on the screen, most apparent in blue-lit stage fog or green-lit faces, that kind of thing. It was not present with other scenes and was even localized to certain areas of the screen depending on what was going on. Other material doesn't do this, but most other material doesn't have fog and lights like this.

My question is what part of the chain this is likely attributed to.
Source/compression limitation?
Some kind of processing that I haven't defeated?
Limitation of the display?
Noise injected by the AVR?

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