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Hi All,

I am not entirely sure if I am posting this in the correct area of the AVS Forums.

I have a Sony KV-32FV310 Picture Tube television that I picked up for playing old video games. It has a slight convergence issue in the top corners of the screen. I would like to make the picture as crisp as possible. On 90% of all gaming and videos you never notice it, especially when images are moving. But it can be easily seen when the image is still, such as in a game menu. You see the image, and then you see a slight overlay of an extra image behind it.:(

I have read the service manual, apparently there are simple adjustments that can be made once the cover is off of the TV using the convergence rings. But in order to adjust convergence, the TV has to be plugged in and I am weary about shocking the heck out of myself.:eek:

I had considered a Degaussing coil, but haven't found answers that say definitively that it will likely fix my convergence issues. The coil seems to be more often used for 'faded colors' than convergence issues.:confused:

Below is a picture of the convergence issue, it is slight but annoying at times. All colors appear to be great just the slight misallignment problem. I have also noticed in the service menu that the "Horizontal Shift" control, meaning shift the image left or right, does not appear to function. It doesn't seem to be out of whack but thought I should mention it anyway.:confused:

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.:)


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