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Piecing together my first HTPC..

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Well, here goes. I heard this was THE place on the net for HTPC info, and I see you have a linux forum which is great!

Currently, I am interested in putting together a HTPC, for use on my standard NTSC TV (doesnt have to be HDTV ready). I would like to use MythTV, and am thinking about possibly doing a frontend/backend system. Here is what I am thinking:

I currently have an Athlon 1.1ghz, w/512mb RAM. This machine is my internet gateway for the house, as well as my web/database server. I also do quite a bit of computing for my grad school research, and I use this machine to do some processing. This machine is running Mandrake 9.0.

I am also planning on purchasing a new computer- something much more up to date, to set up a HTPC system with. The way I see it, I have 2 choices-

1) Leave the current router/server as is, and make no changes to it. Then, get a modest system for MythTV- say an Athlon XP 2400, 512mb ram, 160gb hard drive, Win-PVR-250 tuner, GF4MX440 64 meg video card, and wrap it up with a DVD drive, in a nice looking case. Then just put this machine in the HT, and have it be a stand-alone unit.

2) Purchase a more powerful system- say a P4 2.8, 1gb RAM, 160gb HD, etc.. As well as the PVR-250. Replace the current router/web server (trust me, this thing isnt under a huge load or anything) with the new P4 system. This system would then also be the MythTV backend- have the tuner card, and be interfaced with the DirecTV reciever. I could then take the weaker Athlon system, and turn it into the slave machine, running the MythTV frontend, and have it hooked up to the HT. This way, I figure I could use some of the computing power of the P4 2.8 when necessary, and also have a HTPC setup.

I suppose I could also do option 1, with the P4 2.8, but that seems WAY overkill for a stand-alone PVR system.

Any thoughts?
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That sort of depends on what you plan to do with your HTPC, but I'd lean twards using the bigger box as your main work pc and the smaller one as the HTPC.
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