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I got the Pink bluray the other day and man it has to be one of the most poorly encoded concerts I have ever heard. Her voice is literally muffled throughout like someone didn't properly calibrate the center channel. This is the only disc I have had to use the dialogue enhancement from my receiver on. Then the vocals are much clearer. I actually couldn't understand what Pink was saying without the feature engaged. I am bitstreaming the True HD sound from my Pioneer BDP-05 to my Pioneer SC-05 reciever. Polk Audio LSi speakers all the way around.

There are so many points where her vocals are drowned out by the surrounding music. Many points where you can not decifer the lyrics. Like she doesn't have her face close enough to the microphone. I can't imagine they put a bad batch of discs out. With the True HD and DD tracks there is a +4db increase due to dialogue norm, but that has no effect on my adjustments. I normally would lower the volume 4db but the concert is recorded at alow volume. I have many concerts and never owned one where the singers voice was hard to decifer.
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