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Pinnacle Showcenter?

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Greetings all! First post here... Anyway, I've been research about 8 units and have it narrowed down to the Pinnacle Showcenter as my first choice, and then between the Prismiq or Gateway Connected DVD. I am going to order this Friday, 10/15, and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the Pinnacle Showcenter system? It's a great feature list, and I found it for $184 delivered online. It will be a wired connection to the PC.

Thanks for the thoughts on this!
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I have both the Pinnacle and the Govideo D2730 (same as the Gateway). Apart from the user interface differences between the two (I find the Govideo easier to use) the main difference in functionality is Dolby AC3 passthrough on the Pinnacle (Govideo doesn't support this yet). Also Pinnacle seems to be able to handle higher bitrate VOB files compared to the Govideo. I'm ignoring the DVD player functionality of the Govideo here of course.

I'm using both of them on a wired lan and, for video streaming, this seems to be the preferred practice (some would even say essential practice). For audio and photo streaming wireless will be adequate.

So if AC3 passthrough is important to you, then the Pinnacle is a good choice. If not, then the Gateway/Govideo are good products,

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Just some thoughts for you.

I have the Gateway 320. I run it wireless/g standard.

It runs video recorded at SVCD over the wireless just fine.

However the D5 software/server from Gateway sucks. It has a hard time Fast Forwarding.

I used the the GoVideo 3.0 firmware and replaced the D5 server with the version from GoVideo. Everything works even better now. FF is flawless and the server seems more robust/steady.

The only drawback to using th eGoVideo firmware is the remote keys don't map correctly. I ordered a replacement remote from GoVideo for 29.95 and everything is working fine.

Gateway support for their DVD is less than awful. First the tech people have no idea that Gateway sells anything but computers and as soon as they can't answer a question they want you to send the unit in.

If you can find the Gateway cheap (like I did) go for it! Otherwise skip the hassles and get a real GoVideo unit.
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Went ahead and ordered the Pinnacle ShowCenter from Provantage.com, great priced of $165 + S&H, $184 delivered! Cant wait to get it!

Thanks all!
Got my ShowCenter last week and am for the most part satisfied. The main issue I have with the unit it this:

Start playing music. A short time later I want to look at pictures, or just scan what other music may tempt me more. As soon as I go to the left menu, the music I'm listening to stops. I'd prefer it to continue playing while I'm using the device just looking around.

Also, the Linksys Wireless B/G PCMCIA card I bought for it didnt even power up in the slot. I'm sure one of the 'Pinnacle approved" cards would work..but Wal-mart doesnt sell the b cards anymore, not at mine anyway. Wired is faster and more reliable, I know, but I just wanted to see...that's the joy of early adoption!

Overall though, very happy with the unit. The wife loves it and after the first hour of seeing over 950 MP3s it found, she says money well spent. :) PHEW!
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Are these both SD &/or DVD resolution, but not HD? Is there a similar product, besides the ROKU, that displays at HD resolution?
Like most of these devices (mostly all based on the same Sigma Designs chip), the Pinnacle Showcenter only deals with SD (DVD) resolution content. True, it will scale its video output to 1080i or 720p - but scaled-up SD material isn't even in the same ballpark as HD material. So far the Roku HD1000 is the only one doing actual HD. Too bad even after a year, the Roku's software is nowhere near ready for primetime (except maybe for displaying photos, which it excels at).

There are some new products supposedly coming out soon based on the next-gen Sigma chip, which supports HD. For example, there are some threads here about an I-O-Data product from Japan, but not much actual info to date.

So far the only real answer is: build a small HTPC.
I bought the Showcenter 1000g an so far the whole experience is great except the fast its a little slow on boot and to respond to remote cmds sometimes..I wanted to know if it uses the Sigma EM8620L or an older vs of it. couldnt find that info anywhere

ps yea yea i did read the manual that came with it
Yeah...remote is so-so, and too many "invalid" responses...
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