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Pioneer Earnings Announcement Meeting for First-Quarter of Fiscal Year Ending March 2009 Questions and Answers

Q:What was the first-quarter PDP sales volume?

A:First-quarter PDP sales volume represented steady progress against our full-year sales volume forecast of 370,000 units.
Earnings Announcement Meeting for Second-Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2009 Questions and Answers

Q:How do you expect the performance of the plasma display panel (PDP) business and other Home Electronics businesses to differ from your initial full-year forecasts?

We have reduced the full-year PDP sales volume forecast by 20,000 units due to falling market prices and the impact of the yen-euro exchange rate. We have also revised our full-year PDP business earnings forecast downward by around ¥2.0 billion, because of delays in cost savings from business restructuring.
Q:pioneer has posted continuing losses and not offered truly innovative products in these years. How do you justify Pioneer's continued existence in the market?

A:We believe that our inability to develop and offer truly innovative models as world-first products has led to the losses.
Q:What is your approach to collaborating with other companies?

A:Collaboration is an important option when looking to the future. Pioneer and Sharp Corporation are now working together on many different projects. And from June 2009, we plan to begin procuring PDPs from Panasonic Corporation
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