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Let me start by saying that I've looked over previous threads for the last hour and can't seem to find someone with the same issue.

I am hosting a graduation party tomorrow night and here is what I want to do:

I want to be able to have the kids play video games in the living room where the receiver is located. Then, using zone 2, play audio to two speakers that I have set up outside (preferably Airplay using my phone) for the adults.

I have had this receiver for a bout 3 months now and it has worked perfectly fine in zone 1. This is my first time using zone 2 and can't seem to figure it out.

My issue is that I cannot get any audio source to play in zone 2. For example, when I start Airplay in zone 2, it automatically turns on zone 1, switches it to HMG and starts playing Airplay but not in zone 2. I've read the manual a few times now and can't seem to figure it out, even if I could just use the FM tuner in zone 2 would suffice.

Do I need to have a powered amp to this? I don't think so, because even when I keep zone 1 off, nothing still comes out of the zone 2 speakers. And I know it isn't a speaker/connection issue because the iControl app that I have doesn't even show that a source is playing in zone 2.

Any help would be appreciated.

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