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From Twice:

In other introductions, Pioneer showed a Pioneer-branded "media receiver," designed to connect with the company’s plasma display monitors. The box, which connects to Pioneer plasma screens through a cable connection, will house ATSC, NTSC and QAM tuners and will include a unidirectional CableCard slot, for compatibility with digital cable services across the country. The box is scheduled to ship this fall both with new Pioneer plasma panels and separately for people who want to upgrade their current plasma TV monitors. Pricing will be announced later, and an Elite version is in the works.

The Pioneer media receiver will also house a range of inputs and outputs, including two HDMI inputs with HDCP copy protection and IEEE-1394 with DTCP for D-VHS signal sources only.

The media receiver will be equipped with Pioneer’s Passport on-screen programming guide.

The company showed two plasma panels that will ship with the media receiver, and announced plans for new models to be announced at the CEDIA Show, featuring screens coming from both Pioneer’s existing and new factories, following the recent acquisition of NEC’s factory.

The plasma panels included the 43W-inch PDP-4345HD (1,024-by-768 pixel resolution) and the 50W-inch PDP-5045HD (1,280-by-768 resolution). Pricing will be announced later.

actual press release is found here
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