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Pioneer 5040HD Settings

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So after a month of tweaking my new Pioneer 5040HD, I can say that I am mostly happy with the picture it produces. My whites are white, my blacks are black and I don't notice any green tint problems with the set. This is a relief since every viewing of this TV in a CompUSA showed green tint (must be due to power/signal distribution problems in their stores). I find that well-mastered DVDs (LOTR, Finding Nemo) produce absolutely stunning results. Unfortunately, poorly-mastered DVDs (The Matrix, Castaway) may actually look worse than on my 36" direct-view Toshiba that it replaces. Anyway, I find myself constantly tweaking the picture looking for perfection and it's driving me and my family crazy. Also, I can't seem to find an HD setting that produces the quality picture I expect. So maybe the other 5040HD owners here could post their settings so I (we) can do A/B comparisons and settle on something once and for all. Consider it a "I'll show you mine if you show me yours".

DVD-Component (Avia + Eyeball):


Contrast: +50 (too high??)

Bright: -8

Color: +2

Tint: 0

Sharpness: -1

ColorTemp: Low


HD-Tuner (Eyeball):


Contrast: +45

Bright: -1

Color: -4

Tint: 0

Sharpness: -1

ColorTemp: Low


SD-Svideo (Eyeball):


Contrast: +40

Bright: -5

Color: -3

Tint: 0

Sharpness: -1

ColorTemp: Low



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I have heard that a lot of these units have dead pixels. Do you have any?

Also, did your panel come with a HDMI to DVI cable? If not, where did you get one?

No dead pixels and no HDMI cable. I currently don't have a DVI source so I don't need the cable yet.
I think it's important to also list the source, for instance I generally watch directv. I think settings for directv would be different than ota, if that makes sense. My settings I have not seen anywhere:

Con 18

bright 4

color -9

tint 2g

sharp -1

Also though, I will watch most hd sporting events, with the exception of espnhd, in the dynamic mode, which I really have not seen anyone mention. I believe this is the best settings when you have a high quality hd broadcast. eg hdn hockey, and both ota and directv football, at least on cbs.
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Now I know there are more 5040HD owners out there. The "elite" guys are posting their settings in a new thread. Is everyone happy with the standard setting?

Spike, as for the dynamic mode, I found it to be too grainy and over saturated for my taste. Was the setting you listed for your HD or SD on DirecTV?



(a) I'm late to the party (as usual)

(b) I have a 434 rather than 504, but search didn't reveal any specific threads on 434 settings.

I've tried to have three different sets of settings, one for DVDs, one for SD broadcast TV (we don't have HD), and a tweak of the SDTV setting for VHS playback (my VCR introduces red push).

On DVDs, I have

Contrast 20

Brightness 9 (!)

Colour -12

Tint 2g

Sharp 0

DRE High

Colour Temp Mid


Contrast 23

Brightness 7

Colour -11

Tint 1g

Sharp +1


Colour Temp Mid-High

(for VHS color goes down to -16)

Has anyone extensively played with DRE (Dynamic Range Expander)? On high, sometimes it makes the picture much better, at other times dark scenes are either washed out or crushed, depending on where brightness goes. Having said that, this is my experience with on-the-fly by-the-eyeballs tweaking whilst watching either SD broadcast or VHS taping of SD broadcasts, which is where such problems arise, I have no inclination to fiddle when watching DVDs.
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live HDTV using DirectTV and DVDs using modified "Standard" settings. For my C-band satellite, I use extremely modified "USER" settings. The following are my 'STANDARD' settings:

Contrast: 39

Brightness: +2

Color: -5

Tint: 2 -> Grn

Sharpness: +4

Pro Settings:

PureCinema: Std

Color Temp: Mid


DNR: High


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