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Pioneer 5060 - Strange problem

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I recently bought a Pioneer 5060HD. Other components are a Pioneer vsx-72txv receiver and a Denon dvd 2910. Here's the problem - with some dvds, not all, just some, the blue box that displays the current input information in the upper right hand corner of the display stays on. This does not occur with most dvds and never with the cable tv input.

Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?


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how are the components connected?

the menu not going away is usually an indicator that the video stream never achieves full sync. A few people have reported this using the HDMI input, but we need to know how your components are hooked together to be sure, and to offer meaningful suggestions.

sorry about your problems!

edit: you can also search through the official thread here:
The dvd is routed to the receiver using hdmi and the receiver is also routed to the pioneer plasma with hdmi. Your help is sincerely appreciated. Thanks! Rich
I had the DVD player set for 480 output. Switched it to 1020 and bingo...fixed. But it was you mentioning a sync problem that got me going. Many thanks! Rich
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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