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Pioneer 5080 + BR OR PRO1150

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I was prepared to purchase a PRO-1150. Maybe rediculous but I liked the speakers on the sides instead of under with the 5080 and the additional controls on the color for calibrating seemed like a pretty considerable option.

However, if I purchase the 5080, I can also purchase an Elite 95 BlueRay player, or go with a BD30 and buy some movies for the same amount I would be spending on the Elite model.

My original thought was that if I favored the picture on the 5080, while I have some money burning a hole in my pocket, go for the Upgrade in the Elite series to give myself the best 720P 50" that Pioneer has out right now, but...is the Elite really worth $1,000 more in your opinion?

I've done numerous searches but not much comes up on the Pro1150.


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The bottom line is you should choose what looks the best to you. The features below are they worth it to you? If you are planning on getting it pro calibrated I would then consider it. Good luck

Differences Between Pio Elite And Non Elite KURO Models


- Home Media Gallery - networking functionality

- ISFccc

- New Independent Gamma Control for heightened color calibration

- Remote Control - Illuminated / Present Mode / Learning Mode

- AV Selection Memory - PURE, ISF-Day, ISF-Night

- Advanced Picture-in-Picture (4 positions), Picture-side-Picture for use with Home Media Gallery & Broadcast (3 positions) and Still Picture capability

- Intelligent Mode (off/on)

- Color Temperature Adjustment – 5 settings (High / Mid-High / Mid / Mid-Low / Low)

- Color Temperature Manual Adjustment

- Color Management

- Color Space (1 / 2)

- MPEG Noise Reduction

- Block Noise Reduction Activation (off/on)

- Mosquito Noise Effect

- Mosquito Noise Reduction (off/on)

- 3 DYC (1/2/3)

- I-P Mode

- IR Repeater

- 2 year warranty

- First Color Pro Filter versus First Color Pro Plus Filter (added 08-11-07)
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I have the 1150, and I can honestly say. Unless you are gonna get it professionally calibrated, its not worth the extra money. They both look the same out of the box. However pure mode does provide more accurate color and gamma. If you get it calibrated, the elite will have much more accurate color. Pretty close to perfect color.
I'm guessing (based on the 5080) that the 1150 has more accurate contrast/brightness levels than the 110FD ...right?
My brother has the 5080 and I have had my 1150 for about a month. After spending a good amount of time with the two you will appreciate the little things things that the 1150 will do for you that the 5080 does not. Pure mode with a blu ray is absolutely stunning. I have had mine calibrated recently and it does make the difference noticeable

Originally Posted by jdworm /forum/post/12864725

Pure mode with a blu ray is absolutely stunning.

Could you expand on what you said here?

I'm still trying to get a discussion going on the advantages of PURE mode over the other modes in the 5080/1150. Calibration aside, how does the PURE mode improve the quality of the picture? If there is documentation on it out there that I'm missing, I'd be happy with a link.

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