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Originally Posted by sambo34 /forum/post/14182998

Hi fellas, I will be getting the Panasonic DMP-BD30K and I have pioneer 5080 tv. Anyone know best settings for my tv with that blu ray player? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks

Well its really a personal preference thing, but here are settings I use for Blu-ray & HD DVD that work really well with my 5080.

Main Menu:

AV Selection: MOVIE

Contrast: 39(40 also can be used depending on lighting)

Brightness: +2(try a few other values and see what you like)

Color: -2

Tint: 0

Sharpness: -2

Pro Adjust

Pure Cinema

Film Mode: Standard

Text Optimization: Off

Picture Detail:

DRE Picture: Low(you can try OFF as well, see what you like)

Black Level: Off

ACL: Off

Enhancer Mode: 2

Gamma: 2

Color Detail:

Color Temp: Mid(try Low as well, but I like MID)

CTI: Off

Noise Reduction:

3DNR: Off

Field NR: Off

Power Save Mode: Off

Orbiter: On
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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