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pioneer 510 & Dishnetwork

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1st time poster long time luker here :)

Before i buy this dvd recorder(pioneer 510) i need a couple question awnser plz...

My dish receiver is a dp301 and my question is can i use the event timer that come with my dish receiver to record with a timer on the 510 ?

Do i have to set up the 510 as a vcr in the event timer?

Can the 510 remote control able to controle my dish receiver? ( need a ir blaster? )

Thank you in advance

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Use the auto start feature. Set your DN receiver timer, then turn the DN receiver off. When the timer is activated, it will turn the DN receiver on and the DVR-510's auto start feature will sense the signal, turn the unit on and start recording. When the timer turns off the DN receiver, the DVR-510 will stop recording, and turn back off.

I also have this feature on my JVC S-VHS VCR and it's very nice to have. The JVC has both the auto start feature and an IR blaster. It would be nice to have both on the 510.

To use the auto start feature, hold the front panel function button in for 3 seconds until the unit turns off and auto is displayed in the LCD screen.

This works better than any IR blaster. I haven't had any luck with IR blasters, they have a 50% chance of working correctly.

Have a good one.
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That's pretty cool...if it actually works. I think the 301 from DISH remains on once a timer turns it on, tho, which means the DVDR would record until the bitter end.

Another idea might be to set a timer on the DVDR and a simultaneous "autotune" timer on the 301 (probably the VCR or event timer feature sgr was speaking of). I've done this a few times ( DISH 508/ Panny E30). It also works with back-to-back recordings, but the annoying blinkie clock appears 5 minutes before successive recordings. Ironically, you can turn off blinkie on a 721 but it won't work because the recording timer isn't displayed at powerup on a 721.
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