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Pioneer 510....good info here

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Pretty well the same info we had from before. Still can't CONTROL an external device which is what is needed for unattended recording from satellite TV receivers and digital cable boxes. Even this "leading edge" Pioneer can't do it. Will it be worth the $400US increase in price from the 310? Will have to see what the actual "street price" will be when it finally hits here.

Doug O
Doug O, several places already have the 510 on pre-order. I've seen it for $589 +11 shipping and another place had it for around $635 delivered. I figure street price is going to be around $600-650.

Here's one place; the other one is my computer at home. It was called discount electronics.com or something like that.

No pre-orders here in Canada. Pioneer Canada won't say anything about availability of product in Canada. No online retailers seem to carry any stock either (in Canada). Will probably buy my equipment from the USA, even though I get no warranty. The prices are too good to pass up...

Doug O
Its too early for CDN info....let alone US ...it seems

I too will prob buy via US.....warranty is certainly important.

I have a newsletter alet from etronics and I might get an early warning.
Will it be worth the $400US increase in price from the 310? Will have to see what the actual "street price" will be when it finally hits here.[.........}

>>>>>?????????? If 310 street price approx. $450US and the 510 is

approx. $600US....how do u get $400? ;)
Is the only difference between the Pioneer 310 and the 510H that the 310 doesn't have a hard drive?

p.s. thanks to bnbhoha for the links to pre-ordering the 510H.

:) christine
Folks, you might want to hold off on pre-ordering the Pioneers. I've read a couple of reviews of the 310 which is essentially the same as the 510H but w/o a hard drive. A couple of people preferred the Panasonic picture over the Pioneer 310. I'm guessing the 510 will have the same picture as the 310. I may consider getting the E100 if this is true. I'm looking for firewire and picture thumbnails. Unfortuantely, Panasonic didn't incorporate that into the E80, which can be bought for $470 AR. I will have to pay $850 to get the E100. I will wait for the "shoot out" to see who actually has the best picture, but it looks like Panasonic may be the clear winner.
where did yo on the read these reviews on the 310
right here:


I just bought the E100 today from 6th ave. electronics

Webscout: I used my chase platinum card to buy the E100. It has a low price gurantee (you have to sign up for it; I believe they call it the LPG). They reimburse me the difference if I find a lower price anywhere including internet and local within 60 days. Right now I can submit a claim because serveral places sell the E100 for $828 + shipping; the lowest I found is $819 + shipping (just go to pricegrabber.com) . Since shipping was only .06 at 6th Ave electronics and I paid around $845, I could make a claim right now and get $26 bucks back but I think I will wait for the full 60 days for I am sure it will drop atleast $50 by then. Good luck.
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Let us know when u get it....final cost etc.

I am also an active member of that other forum on DVD Recorders.

I too am slanting towards the Panny.........would like the 100 but the price is a bit high ...but it has some features the 80 does not have.
About the reviews of the 310 - looking at the indicated dvdrhelp forum, unless I missed something (which is possible), there was only one person who said that the Pioneer's picture quality was not as good. That person also said that the same thing applied to the earlier DVR-7000. However, I seem to remember people (or at least one person?) saying in this forum that the 7000 seemed to have a better encoder that resulted in better picture quality in the recordings. So, I'm not sure it's all that clear-cut...
That person being Zoran did a bench? test using 5? recorders. Few of us can do that. He rated the Pioneer as #3 ie. resolution. Features and benefits...wants and needs also enter the picture.

We are early adopters for sure. I would like to get a recoder before xmas.

This item is going to be BIG as prices come down and more people get to understand the benefits. Camcorders will play a big part ...with an ongoing awareness and the the ease of making home movies. Just the beginning.
Originally posted by Brainiac 5
About the reviews of the 310 - looking at the indicated dvdrhelp forum, unless I missed something (which is possible), there was only one person who said that the Pioneer's picture quality was not as good.
I'd certainly like to see some additional testing results before deciding, however I'm not going to be shocked if the Pioneer continues to retain a third place standing. This is Pioneer's first venture into the cutthroat pricing world of DVD recorders and I'm sure they've cut a number of corners to meet certain price points.
I wouldn't be shocked either if Zorankarapancev's evaluation is correct, it sounds like he (or she) had a good test setup. What does make me question it a little is the comment that the quality is the same as the DVR-7000, which is said to be bad, even though I'm sure I've seen comments from other people to the contrary. For instance, a quick search turned up this thread .

Can anyone with a DVR-7000 comment on what the picture quality is like in the two-hour mode? Zorankarapancev (who wrote the 310 review) mentioned that on the 7000 in two-hour mode, there tends to be very visible artifacting. Is that correct?

I'm planning to get a DVD recorder soon, so I'm very interested in this - if I could convince myself that the Pioneer's picture quality won't be as good, then I could go ahead and buy an E80 now instead of waiting to see what the Pioneer 510 is like when it comes out. :)
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I'm on your wave bud;) :cool:
I'm in the same boat as you guys. If the picture quality is not great on the Pioneer, I think I'm going to go for the Panasonic E80 instead of waiting for the 510 to come out in November.
You may want to check out my personal review of the E50 Panasonic which I got for home test - it's certainly made me want to wait and double check the Pioneer.

It's under the thread Pioneer 310 &510.

And btw Pioneer 5100H £550 from techtronics.com (UK dealer) with multi-mod region free and VCR mode for no macrovision copy block vs £799 E100!.

So E100's GOT to come down once the Pioneer's out and available.

Check any DVD Rcorder Magazine - they slam the panasonic picture and sound quality and have the Pioneer 7000 as still the best!!..and the Pioneer 5100 is supposed to be better still.

Another thing Zoran did a external beta stream recording test. No mention of Standard commercial DVD playback - the panny stinks at that - no mention of SCART to SCART digital recording (ie Sky/Freeview). I'm not dissing the review I've just seen the story at home over time with my own eyes and it's not cut and dry by any means.
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......here we go again. Perhaps I should at least wait for th 510 to surface.
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