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Pioneer 563a will not play Audioslave SACD

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My Unit plays DVD-Audio perfectly in 5.1, but not my Audioslave SACD in 5.1.

I tried playing with the menu button on DVD player with no results.

Should the SACD by Sony say SACD or 5.1?

Are there 2 different versions of this CD that I am not aware of?

Is there something that I am overlooking?

It only plays in in one channel when in the 6 channel mode.
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Where can you buy an Audioslave SACD?

Link please.
Hey, Muscleman, are you sure your disc is SACD? I did a quick search on Audioslave SACD and came up with nothing. The only thing that was close to it was that experimental DualDisc with DVD on one side and I am not sure either regular CD or SACD on the other side.

Here is the quote from HiFidelity Review:


At the Tower Records in Cambridge, Massachusetts, there is a small kiosk near the main counter. Spinning above it is a 5†disc.

It’s not a CD.

It’s not a DVD.

It’s both.

It’s a DualDisc.

According to the explanation enclosed in each disc, “One side is a standard CD. The other side offers DVD content. This may include enhanced album audio, 5.1 surround sound, music videos, artist interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, documentary films, photo galleries, lyrics, computer-ready digital song files, and Web links. It all depends on the artistâ€.

The DualDiscs

In the racks of the kiosk were a handful of titles including:

AC/DC: ‘Back in Black’ (Sony)

Audioslave: ‘Audioslave’ (Sony)

Bare Naked Ladies: ‘Everything to Everyone’ (Warner Music Group)

David Bowie: ‘Reality’ (Sony)

Dave Brubeck: ‘Take Five’ (Sony) - subsequently recalled (licensing issues)

Good Charlotte: ‘The Young and Hopeless’ (Sony)

Donald Fagen: ‘The Nightfly’ (Warner Music Group)

Linkin Park: ‘Reanimation’(Warner Music Group)

R.E.M.: ‘Automatic for the People’ (Warner Music Group)

==end quote====

In any case, look at the cover and double check if it says that it is a Stereo or Multi-channel SACD.

Also, if this was your first SACD you tried to play on 563A, go to the DVD player's setup and make sure the multi-channel SACD playback is selected.
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Here's something posted in the other forum:
You are correct, the Audioslave title is a DualDisc, and the audio on the dvd side is 2 channel 48kHz PCM. All the Sony titles are that way. Only the Warner titles have hi-res dvd-a on the dvd side.
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