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I have what really feels like a HDCP negotiation problem, but I don't have a good way to confirm.

I have a Denon 3910 DVD player connected to one of the HDMI inputs on my Denon 4308CI. The 4308's monitor 1 HDMI is connected to a Pioneer 6020. The 6020 just arrived and replaced a 5070 that did not exhibit the problem I am about to describe.

When I select the appropriate input for the 3910 on the 4308, I get audio playing over my speakers connected to the 4308, but no video. The 6020 displays the resolution that I have set on the 3910 (i.e. 720p/1080i) so there is some kind of communication happening, but never any video. Along the same lines, I have an Escient Fireball connected via component to the 4308. When I try and output the Fireball over the HDMI monitor output instead of the component output, I again get no video. Component output into the 6020 works fine.

If I connect the 3910 directly to the 6020 with the exact same cables, I don't have any problems. Denon hasn't been much help in solving the problem - they walked me through a process of resetting the HDMI circuit board on the 4308 and have stopped short of resetting the microprocessor.

Googling my symptoms has made me believe that the problem is related to the 4308 acting as an HDMI repeater which is causing some kind of HDCP issue and the ultimate problem from what I have been able to find is the 3910.

Has anyone got a 4308 and 3910 HDMI connected in a similar manner to a 6020 or 5020 and have it work correctly?

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