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Pioneer 6th gen vs. 6th gen Elite... differences?

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Just wondering what are the technical differences between Pioneer 6th gen plasma and its more expensive brother, Pioneer Elite?!

To me Elite has a nicer picture (from showrooms)... but wanna know what specficia technical differences.

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2 year warranty

ISF Calibration

Slightly better picture due to more advance feature

5060 is a very nice tv though!
so, the panels are the same, the video processor is the same, right?

I knew about warranty... what other advanced features are you talkin about? Are they simply gimmicks or actual picture quality features?
Well, for one thing, you can actually adjust the DRE (I believe that it is always on for the 5060, but I don't think we know which of the 1130's settings it is using).

For another, you can individually adjust the red, green, and blue saturation for both bright and dark colors.

Finally, there is a "Pure" mode which I don't think that the 5060 has. "Pure" gives you, right out of the box, colors, contrast, and brightness as close to ISF calibration as I have yet seen on a plasma.
By the way, a lot of very good information on both the 5060 and the 1130 can be found here .
I believe the 5060 can be ISF calibrated as well.

Same processing, same display, just less twiddlebility (like that word :)) on the 5060.
This may not mean much to most people but the Elite looks much nicer. ;)
Originally Posted by torch
This may not mean much to most people but the Elite looks much nicer. ;)
Standing in front of the display, it looks EXACTLY the same. Oh wait it says Pioneer instead of Elite.

Looking at the display from an angle or side there is a brushed aluminum trim around the edge. I was actually concerned how much this would take away from the "All black" classy look, and I actually like it. I think they both look good.

Oh yeah the stand is different. Non Elites come with a silver fixed stand, Elites come with a swivel gloss black stand.

Picture of 5060 is worth a 1000 words

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Swivel base; much more flexible user adjustments including individual colors (6 colors vs. the single "tint" slider of the xx60), extra video mode ("PURE"), 5 vs. 3 color temp modes, Active DRE (with very nice controls over black level, contrast level, and gamma, while the xx60 has no control over DRE at all), and separate day and night callibration modes; 2 yr. vs. 1 yr. warranty; picture card slot; possibly better quality control in the factory; resale value and bragging rights of the Elite name.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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