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pioneer 816, jvc 302, old onkyo

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The old kenwood reciever is not cutting it with the warfedale speakers anymore. Seems the kenwood can't take the 6 ohm load as it keeps turning off at high volume.

Since the Panasonic xr55 is nowhere to be found, which would be the better bet?

A Pioneer 816, the new JVC digital 302B or perhaps an older 5.1/6.1 Onkyo or Denon. I want good stereo sound and decent 5.1 theater sound.

Thanks for your help, Its hard to be an audiophile on a grad student budget.
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any thoughts?
I recently got the JVC 301s at HH Gregg for $99 on closeout and was surprised at the amount of pleasure that it has brought to my system while I figure out what way I am going to go with my seperates set up. I have become very picky about my systems sound quality but if I had to guess I bet that most people would find it a fine fit for there main system needs. I have not heard the Pioneer 816 so I cant compare the two but I think that if you give the 301 or 302 a chance you will really enjoy it.
I purchased the 816 ($299) from sin city and I really like it. The 816 graduated to my first choice since the Panny 55 is discontinued. So far, I am liking what I hear, although I am still waiting on my Ascend mega package, it is currently powering a set of 16 year old pioneer speakers.
I've had the pioneer vsx-516 which is the little brother of the 816 for about a week. I think it's a very good performer for the < $200.00 receivers. I maade this purchase based on my research and the amazing reviews I read from last years models the 815 and 515. Don't know if you can find any of last years models still around but if you can, could probably get a great deal of them.
Thanks for the Info, looks like a positive vote for each of them. Does anyone know if any of the newer recievers has HD radio built in?
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